DHL invests in China’s US$7.5bn fashion logistics market


DHL is strengthening its capabilities in China to capitalise on the opportunities in the country\'s fashion & apparel logistics industry, which is estimated to be worth US$7.5 billion a year. "BvDP"

The company is enhancing its supply chain solutions, infrastructure and human resources to cater to rising demand for faster, more efficient door-to-door distribution in the multi-billion dollar industry.

Since 2009, DHL has invested in six Fashion & Apparel Centres of Excellence across the Asia Pacific, including Hong Kong, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. These centres are responsible for developing tailored solutions and providing consultancy services to help customers better manage the product flow further upstream in their supply chain. A similar centre is expected to be ready in Shanghai by Q4 2010.

To enhance its capabilities, DHL has developed the Door-to-More solution to meet the needs of customers in the fast-moving fashion & apparel industry where product availability in retail outlets is key.

The service consolidates multiple vendor shipments to a single shipment for the international movement and local customs clearance. This consolidated shipment is then broken down into individual deliveries to multiple customers (retail or domestic) who extend far beyond China\'s borders

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