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Körber aims to become climate-neutral by 2025 - Sustainability Report describes ambitious goals

The international technology group Körber has set itself the goal of climate-neutral production by 2025. For this purpose, Körber systematically looked for opportunities to save energy worldwide and in all business areas and quickly implemented the first measures. Körber also has ambitious plans in other sustainability dimensions, which have now been recorded in the first Sustainability Report.

Körber is pursuing a clear and equally ambitious sustainability strategy: the Group aims to have climate-neutral production at more than 100 locations worldwide by as early as 2025. An initial package of measures was already decided and initiated in 2021, including the switch to climate-neutral energy, the expansion of photovoltaic systems and the improvement of energy efficiency at the production sites.

“Just as we are shaping technological change at Körber, we are also driving forward the implementation of our sustainability strategy. Our broad technological expertise, industry knowledge and innovative strength make it comparatively easy for us to not only find the most effective measures for our ambitious goals, but also to implement them.", emphasizes Erich Hoch, COO and CTO of the Körber Group.

Products, solutions and services are also being put to the test. In this context, Körber is intensifying its activities in the direction of a circular economy and is converting its production systems, so that waste is minimized and materials and energy are saved.

High standards of environmental, social and corporate responsibility

In the spring of 2022, Körber conducted an inventory of greenhouse-gas emissions (GHG) for Scope 1 and 2 for the years 2019, 2020, and 2021. The procedure and results for the Group's carbon footprint are presented in detail in Körber's Sustainability Report.

The report describes the sustainability strategy, initial results and figures, as well as the measures with which Körber intends to achieve its goals in the three dimensions of "environment," "social," and "corporate governance”.

Sustainability is a high priority in all Körber Business Areas and is anchored as a central component of the Group strategy. In this way, Körber reaffirms its high standards of ecological, social and corporate responsibility.

The Sustainability Report 2021 documents four key topics on which Körber has focused on the past year:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption
  • Fair and attractive employer
  • Responsible supply chain management
  • Responsible information management
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