Dr. Göttrik Wewer

Lawyer and Chairman of the Federal Association of German Postal Service Providers

"The Association is an active observer of the digital transformation that has long since gripped the postal markets. Neither the digital society nor the digital economy can survive without functioning postal services. "


Klaus Ehrnsperger

Vice Chairmann BvDP

"Current developments on the postal market, especially in e-commerce and mail communication, provide fertile ground for imaginative and innovative solutions and new business opportunities – yet they also throw up structural, technical and market-side challenges. The Association is an ideal platform for discussing these challenges and exchanging opinions with relevant market players along the entire digital and physical value chain."


Ertan Cipa

Treasurer of the Federal Association of German Postal Service Providers

"The digital transformation is forcing companies to keep reinventing themselves and adapting their processes to ever-changing customer needs. Businesses that maintain perfect networks between their partners, suppliers and clients can make good use of the resulting information to take decisions for the future. As an Association, we want to provide a fertile platform for dialogue between stakeholders about the markets of the future."


Eugen Pink

Managing Director

"The Federal Association of German Postal Service Providers (BvDP) manages the exchange of information within the industry, thereby promoting innovation along the entire postal value chain. It has prime access to relevant information via its network of major industry members."

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