About us


The Federal Association of German Postal Service Providers (BvDP), a registered association, closes a crucial gap in the range of existing industry associations in Germany. While the traditional associations are each dedicated to one specific area of the postal market, the BvDP takes an integrated approach to postal affairs. It represents the interests of all postal service providers that, directly or indirectly, contribute towards the entire postal value chain. In this capacity the Association is closely aligned with the requirements of today's globalized, liberalized postal markets.

The continued liberalization, privatization and deregulation of domestic and international postal markets presents the postal service providers that operate along the industry value chain with major challenges. The BvDP recognizes and responds to the political, economic and technical issues that affect the industry as a whole, advocates on behalf of the companies it represents, and encourages them to act together.

Our members include Deutsche Post AG, GFT Technologies AG, die Siemens AG und die Diebold Nixdorf AG. The Association's membership base also includes several major courier and express providers, freight forwarders, manufacturers of technical equipment for the postal industry, IT companies, contract and valuables logistics providers, list managers and internal postal management companies. Our members employ over 600,000 members of staff and generate more than EUR 60 billion in revenue in this market segment.


Our areas of activity:

  • Representation of our member's business interests at the national and European legislative and executive levels
  • Liaison with political parties and other socially relevant groups
  • Advocacy on behalf of fair, functioning competition in the postal and logistics industries
  • Active engagement in the industry dialogue
  • Promotion of high quality standards and technical innovation
  • Organization and support of research-based events and scientific publications
  • Active membership in domestic and international associations
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