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2021 Rolling plan for ICT standardisation released

ast week, the European Commission released the Rolling plan for ICT Standardisation 2021. This edition features new chapters on 'COVID-19', 'Safety, transparency and due process online', 'Circular economy' and 'U-space'.

The 'COVID-19' and 'Safety, transparency and due process online' appear under the societal challenges theme. 'Circular economy' and 'U-space' appear under sustainable growth.

The rolling plan explores the role that standards and ICT technical specifications can play in achieving EU policy objectives. The 2021 edition identifies around 170 actions grouped into 37 technological or application domains under four thematic areas: key enablers and security, societal challenges, innovation for the single market and sustainable growth.

The document is the result of an annual dialogue involving a wide-range of interested parties as represented by the European multi-stakeholder platform on ICT standardisation (MSP).

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