17.11.2016 Wachstum von DHL Express in den USA auf Kurs: Investitionen in Höhe von 185 Millionen US-Dollar in den Jahren 2016 und 2017

DHL Express, wird die Investitionsoffensive in den Vereinigten Staaten und in der Region Americas weiter fortsetzen - das Geschäftswachstum entspreche den Erwartungen des Unternehmens. Die für 2016 und 2017 vorgesehenen und...[more]

19.07.2012 DHL startet neue Flugverbindung zwischen USA und Australien

DHL, der weltweit führende Anbieter für internationale Expressdienstleistungen, hat sein interkontinentales Luftverkehrsnetz mit einem Direktflug zwischen den USA und dem wichtigen Wachstumsmarkt Australien erweitert. Die neue...[more]

16.07.2012 UPS and TNT Express Acquisition Expected to be Completed in Fourth Quarter 2012

The European Commission's review of United Parcel Service Inc.'s (UPS) proposed acquisition of TNT Express N.V. (TNT Express) is expected to move to a Phase II review, as there are certain areas that require more time to analyze....[more]

08.02.2012 Enroute Adds Last Mile Postal Service Delivery Services

Today Enroute Systems Corporation announced the launch of new last mile postal service delivery service options for its ShipIt! Portal supply chain management software. In addition to existing support of multiple global and...[more]

10.11.2010 US Imposes New Air Cargo Security Rules

U.S. officials, responding to the terror plot last month that used cargo carriers, announced new restrictions and security procedures for international air cargo coming into the United States on Monday, including a ban on certain...[more]

08.09.2009 USPS reduces its post office closures

The US Postal Service (USPS), seeking major cost reductions to cope with a double-digit volume decline, has reduced the number of post offices lined up for possible closure to just 413 out of its 37,000 outlets across the USA....[more]

17.03.2008 USPS targets major cost savings in 2008

USPS The US Postal Service (USPS) is aiming for major cost savings of over $1 billion in an “aggressive” financial plan for fiscal 2008 designed to hold down its losses. But it has not yet decided on any rates increases for the...[more]

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