DHL broadens Middle East automotive services

Al Zayani Trading Company DHL Express has expanded its automotive services in the Middle East with an enhanced range of supply chain solutions for Al Zayani Trading Company in Kuwait. "BvDP"

Under the deal with Al Zayani, DHL Express now provides Just-in-Time (JIT) solutions, cost-effective air and road express services and 24/7 proactive tracing and monitoring of all shipments globally. In addition, DHL moves spare parts for cars that are off the road (VOR) and bulky goods for Al Zayani on a regular basis. Other DHL services covered in the agreement include insurance and customs clearance as well as moving cars across the region.

Commenting on the partnership, Matt Daniels, DHL Express Country Manager, Kuwait, said: “We are pleased to be associated with the major Kuwaiti players in various sectors. Al Zayani Trading Company is unquestionably a leading name in the automotive sector who provides customers with luxury automobile services, and through our partnership we provide them with improved world-class express and logistics services. Our strengthened global network and extensive experience within the automotive sector allows us to offer a more robust competitive advantage to Al Zayani Trading Company and support their growing business and increasing need for timely services.”

“DHL\'s vast resources and international expertise has served our business operations significantly. Kuwait\'s automotive sector is expanding rapidly and we need the best network system, timely logistics, and door-to-door solutions. Over the five years of our partnership to date, our customer service standard has improved tremendously and we look forward to working side by side with DHL Express and finding new ways to best enhance our operations,” said Harish Bhatia, Group Parts Manager of Al Zayani Trading Company.

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