DHL launches new web-based real-time shipment tracking

DHL has further enhanced its customer service standards with the launch of DHL ProViewTM, a web-based tool that provides customers with real-time shipment tracking and monitoring. DHL ProViewTM is an online shipping tool that allows customers to track shipments in real-time at all stages of delivery from anywhere in the world. "BvDP"

Instead of airway bill numbers, shipments are tracked and monitored using designated account numbers. Customers receive proactive updates on their shipments\' activity - when they have been delivered and picked up - via email alerts or SMS messages.

With ProViewTM, tracking is not limited to delivery notification, but also includes shipment visibility such as in-transit, customs clearance or delay notifications, among others.

Distribution centres, customers and trading partners can now receive shipment activity reports at specified times and locations, eliminating the need to be tied to a computer.

Up to 1,999 different shipment accounts can be registered for one person. One customer account can be tracked at the same time by different users.

The introduction of this service offering in Asia Pacific follows the successful US launch in 2006. It is available for free to all DHL Express International, Road Express and Domestic Express customers.

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