Vanderlande cooperates with PostNord on new parcel sites in Finland

Vanderlande has been chosen to supply two state-of-the-art sortation systems (built around line sorter technology) to the PostNord Group – one of the leading parcel distribution companies in Scandinavia. PostNord was established in 2009 after a merger between Post Danmark A/S and Posten AB. Last year, PostNord delivered about 2.6 billion letters and other mail items, and nearly 200 million parcels across Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

As part of PostNord’s integrated production network, the company has decided to establish two new logistic centres in Finland – one in the city of Vantaa (located just outside of Helsinki) and another in Tampere (approximately 200 kilometres north of the Finnish capital). Tampere is expected to be operational in quarter three of 2021, and Vantaa will follow in the latter half of 2022.


Both sites are ‘greenfield’ projects and will use Vanderlande’s line sorter technology. In Vantaa, the capacity will be 9,000 parcels per hour (allowing PostNord to future-proof its operations) and integrate other equipment such as infeed lines, a reject chute, weighing scales, belt extendibles, and a system to handle ‘non-conveyables’. Although Tampere will have a similar configuration, its capacity will be 4,000 pph.

“As we extend our coverage across the Nordic region, we proactively look for partners that can help to support our vision long into the future,” explains PostNord’s Category Manager Production Dušan Vujović. “With the line sorter, Vanderlande offered a solution that precisely matched our expectations, and we were pleased that the same technology could be deployed at both sites in Finland. And with its local service presence, we see great value attached to Vanderlande’s overall proposition.”



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