Escher Group: The Future of Posts 2023

Lower parcel and mail volumes, flat revenues, diminished profitability, high costs of retail and delivery networks, and increasing cross-border regulations are just a few of the obstacles Posts everywhere have faced this past year. Yet, postal operators remain focused on key areas, including e-commerce parcels, delivery optimization, and retail network transformation.

In Escher’s seventh annual edition of the Future of Posts report, 271 respondents from 90 national postal operators have provided insights into their operating methods, range of services, key investment areas, automation strategies, point-of-sales channel preferences, future network plans, and more.

In the Future of Posts 2023 report, you’ll discover:

  • Top initiatives for boosting revenue and expanding services
  • The number one investment opportunity over the next three years 
  • Highest priorities for Posts across retail and delivery networks
  • Top strategies for handling fluctuations in parcel deliveries
  • Cost reduction initiatives planned for retail and delivery networks
  • Top four POS channel investments over the next three years. 
  • …and so much more!


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